February 10, 2010

Go Marc!

Marc Jacobs sues Christian Audigier's company for trade dress and trademark infringement.
The similarities between those two bags, in the pictures above are obvious. The size, shape, material, the stitching, the strap.
So, the first time I saw them I thought that they were both by Marc Jacobs(although I was seriously wondering what's with the fish). Then I looked again and surprise surprise, I read Ed Hardy on the one on the right. There is no doubt about who copied who, considering that Marc's bag has been available since 2007 and let's call it the 'uglier replica' just since last year.
I don't like either of them, but anyway, go MARC, shame on you ED HARDY!
Oh, and a fun comment I read on
'Those fishes look like they're giving major blowjobs!'
Totally agree!

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Sissy said...

LOL, the final comment is right ha,ha. I don't like much them either but I guess some will do.

Nice blog darling ; )