June 5, 2010

Miranda -absolutely- Kerr-tastic.

"La Mauvaise Education"-Bad Education

Model: Miranda Kerr
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Stylist: Patti Wilson

All photos taken from

Love this! Love love true love. Revealing the secret naughty side of good-behaved, religious girls. The side hidden by their only apparent beliefs and interests. Everything revealed, no false pretense. And Miranda Kerr is amazing, as well as the photographer and stylist. Let's just conclude with me saying that this is officially my new fave editorial!


Alexandra Amico said...

love this pics!!

Platform Princess said...

Urrr, why is she so gorgeous? It's so freaking annoying AND she has a matching boyfriend- blahh!

I <3 her, always have; she looks like Bambi. These are very risque, and the hair makes her look completely different.


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

Oh yes, she and Orlando are perfect. But my number one couple remains Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp!