June 11, 2010


Sunny Day. Too sunny, actually. It is getting really hot in this city and although I love summer, there are moments when I wish it was colder, when I wish I could feel a gust of wind chilling things up a little and not the sweat coming down my forehead making me look my best. Anyway, I heard it's going to be the hottest summer in the last 100 years or something, so I guess this is just the beginning and I should get used to it. Lots of water, least amount of fabric covering my body possible. Possible as in don't go to the market in a swimsuit just because heat has taken over the city. OK, now, coming back to my senses, my friends took some photos of my outfit that day. These ones are taken with an actual camera, a Canon I believe, much, much better than my phone. Click on the pictures to see the larger version. And zoom in to see the even larger version.
Mr. Broom Man in the background interrupting our shoot was a fun moment. Not to mention he almost hit me in the head with those brooms when he passed by because I was, of course, busy focusing on the camera and how the photos would turn out.
And, now:
Sandals: Bershka
Bag: Bershka
Tights: Reserved
Tank top: Thrift.
Crop Tee:Mom's and a little DIY(I cut the sleeves).
Green ring: Greece.
Those two silver rings are from Turkey.
And the rest I have no idea.


susiee said...

baa ce prafulica esti nu ai pus poza aia cand te intorceai la camera era superbisima :D

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love all your amazing jewelry! xoxo

Lucy said...

I love your accessories!!

Ashley said...

Your jewelry is amazing, I love all of it!

Platform Princess said...

Your jewellery collection is sickkk! I <3 all your bracelets.