June 1, 2010

Hello Outfit Post.

Yup, my crappy 2 megapixels again! And you can also see my parrot. I love that cardigan I'm wearing.

My huge blue bag. And let's focus a little on the details:
Love these earrings.
And my studded belt.

Jacket: Forever21;
Cardigan: Dad's;
Belt: Pimkie;
Bag: Target, I think;
Leggings: Mom's;
Black tank top: Thrift shop.
Boots: Honestly can not remember.

I think that for a 1st outfit post it turned up pretty ok.


R. Gratz said...

I dig it, I dig it, I DIIIIGG it! The details fromt he belt to the earings and man, your HAIR!!! You definitely wear it all well. Great going! :)

Platform Princess said...

OMG woman, I feel like I have been waiting years for this! You look and are gorgeous. Loving the jacket, belt and hairstyle.


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

Thanks guys!