April 30, 2010

'I ♥ Vogue Nippon' series: 1st part.

June 2010.
SKINS cutie Nicholas Hoult; supermodel-fashion icon-amazing Raquel Zimmerman; and Brazilian model Caroline Trentini. I love this shoot. We see them doing ordinary stuff, like hanging at the bar, going to the movies and walking the dog, but each photo also shows how important they are, their busy lives, always on the phone, upper class and all that. The fashion, the attitude, the looks, the shoes! Oh, the life they lead! Okay, it's just an editorial, but it actually is real life for some. Some incredibly rich and lucky ones!

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Sissy said...

wowww amazing pics, love them. Thanks for sharing!!!

the girl in grey said...

Whoah, that last image hit the right note//

R. Gratz said...

The funny things is that this is totally on point as to how we all interact when we say we're "hanging out" with someone. Web 2.0 addiction. I am guilty for sure.