May 30, 2010

It's all about the blazers honey!

It's a fact known by just about any fashion forward person, that the blazer is no longer that jacket you wear to work, with the sole purpose of covering up anything that might have seemed too inappropriate.The upper part of the deux pi├Ęces. Nowadays, as you will see in these outfits that I've created on Looklet, a blazer is the perfect piece to spice up an outfit, may it be casual, or super classy.
This one is my favourite. Sarah Jessice Parker inspired.Love the blazer with boyfriend jeans and high-heels!
A few punk-rock influences and a casual blazer.
Another use of the blazer. In this outfit it tends to tone down the glamour and the sexuality, so that when you take it off, you'll make an amazing first impression. It's all about knowing when to reveal more.
And this is the blazer in a classy outfit. Luxurious and sophisticated. It adds a bit of a sparkle and I think it looks great over the black dress. I might have exagerated with the jewellery but that's how I like it.
Hope you've enjoyed this!


Platform Princess said...

So trueeee. I need a boyfriend blazer and a cropped navy blazer atm.

Great post.


Style of a Fashionista said...

Fab post great ways to wear a blazer xoxo

R. Gratz said...

I totally agree. The other day I saw this beauty in a blazer, khaki short shorts, and a plain whit tank top.... but what made it all come together was the fatty bling bling she had on top (very Fenton/Fallong for J. Crew) and man I fell in love. I'm pretty sure I unconsciously followed her around the mall. Haha! Man, I have issues.