March 8, 2010

And Vivienne Westwood steals my heart.

Enough to see one piece and you know it's Westwood. That painted moustache is killing me. It's too damn crazy. And I don't know why, but the collection made me think of porcelain dolls mixed with pirates. Pirates of The Carribean. Which made me think of Johnny Depp. And after foolishly dreaming of him for about 10 minutes, I remembered the new Alice in Wonderland movie. Which, I think, should have used this collection as its wardrobe. So, hope you'll love it as much as I do. Oh, and I must say that the pieces were perfectly layered. Perfectly. Not one out of place. I don't know how many designers can do that.

P.S.: It's gonna be a long post. More photos than usual.

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MEF said...

love love love this show!