March 22, 2010

Come here, rude boy.

Giddy up, giddy up. Rude boy. What is it with these rude boys? They always catch our eye. Rebels. Their rule is that there are no rules. Well that's a stupid quote. Anyway, I'm talking about bad guys. Not the jocks-bullies-no-brainers type. But those who think their opinions are the only ones that matter. Who, surprisingly, can be very smart. They're arrogant and nothing's good enough for them. And obviously, all the girls think that they are good enough for them. Girls know that beneath that rock hard exterior, there is a struggling-to-get-out-sensible-emotional soul. Or at least, most of them think they know that. They hope to be the ones who will conquer the bad boy's heart. The ones that will make him cry for them. But most of the time, they only manage to be the ones who spread silly rumors and ruin his entire bad boy image. The ones who piss him off with their sweetie-pie-gummy-bear-honey-bunny and other various pet nicknames. They are that kind of girls who live in a fantasy world. With princesses and happy endings. And although fairy world does not go hand in hand with rudeness, they still have a crush on the rude boy. With no satisfying result, but they do. So should that mean that bad guys want bad girls? I'd disagree. I think we all know that the bad guys we like could never be seen with an aggressive, frightening, intimidating, pierced/tattooed all over girl. Maybe they secretly wait for a good-looking, not too calm, not too nerve-racking girl to come along. A tall, hot, smart chick who would share their opinions, being able to make interesting conversation and who is the most likely to make them show they have feelings. Until then, it's casual sex. And tons of girls who think they're in love willing to give that to them. Why? Because they're rude boys.


susiee said...

miauuu.. i loveee rude boys <3 and you? you are such a wondeful writer :)))

Danielle Barbe said...

great post.

susiee said...

great writer :)))