March 10, 2010

Let's talk about...Chanel.

Fall 2010. RTW. See that? Ready-to-wear. Where are you gonna wear this? At the North Pole? Standing by an igloo, ice-fishing and posing for the polar bears? Seriously now! Although, I must say, if Karl appeared wearing one of these at the end of show, I would have laughed my heart out and said no more. Just like that. Just to top it off.
Anyway, assuming the beginning was a joke, I can say that I mostly liked the rest of the collection.Not that I loved it, because Chanel has always been a bit too much for me. I could never picture myself in its designs.
Oh, and one more problem. This photo, right?

We've got a sleeveless dress. Bare legs. And furry boots. I hate when designers do this. If we put on a dress, it's presumably hot outside. Or we're going to a party. So what are we going to do with those idiotic furry boots? I know that no one holds a gun to our heads and says 'Wear it just like you saw on the runway'. It's just one of the many opinions I have. Therefore, what is this? A Spring/Winter outfit? And they kind of messed up the boots in all that water. Not that I was their greatest fan. Yeti!
However, what I liked the most. And what I always like at Chanel. They put on amazing shows. The decor was abso-fucking-lutely fantastic!

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you are such a awesome writer :x :>