March 11, 2010

ModCloth. I love you!

If you haven't checked by now...I'm sure glad I'm the one to tell you about it. It's one of my beloved sites. And although they have a clothing section, what I love the most are their accessories, books and decor. Amazing! They sell the most ingenious and creative stuff and the best part: they ship everywhere in the world! So check what I post and if you like them, go get them. Otherwise,... No, you can't not like at least one thing of all that I'm gonna post.
First, necklaces and rings!

The Elmira necklace-$59.99;Fashionably Late Pocket Watch Necklace-$27.99; What Time Is It Deer Watch Necklace-$24.99; ROFL Necklace-$29.99.

Soaring Swallow Ring-$14.99;Marjariasan Earrings-$12.99; Peter Silver Tail Earring-$14.99; Polynesia Dreaming Ring-$13.99; Boogie Woogie Owl Earring-$15.99;

Then, we move on to tights and socks!

Hi-Top Socks in Black-$7.99; A-doe-rable Tights-$37.99; Nocturnal Tights-$31.99; Indigo Peacock Feather Tights-$29.99; Pocahon-toes Socks-$27.99; Rad to the Herringbone Tights-$34.99.

Plus Random Stuff and Decor!

Owl Call You Back iPhone Skin-$17.99; Owl Email You Back Laptop Skin-$29.99; Cat Tales Mug-$17.99; After School Snack Key Caps-$6.99; Ruff Sailing Dress-$24.99; City of Lights Lamp-$59.99; When and Wear Scarf-$23.99; Cute Cohorts Mouse Pad-$14.99.

And at last, their books! I love books. But I'm crazy about their books.
Sounding Smart at Parties- $11.99;

Nylon Street(from Nylon magazine)-$24.99.; New Fashion Designers-$39.99.

The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions.-$14.95.

Spotter's Guide to the Male Species.-$12.99

Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College. -$14.99

Unfortunately, all their stuff sells fast, so you might find some out of stock. But just give them your email and they will notify you on restock so that you can go spend some money.


Linh said...

i really adore you blog you always find such amazing things

daisychain said...

major lust going on <3

Platform Princess said...

The dog outfit is beyond cute. Loving the bicycle necklace also.


daisymay said...

I love modcloth but the postage to the UK is actually quite pricey. Think I am going save till I can do one big order!

MEF said...

so funnY! love the omg necklace