January 31, 2010

Kelis shocks.

And not in a good way!
Desperate for attention? I guess so! If we take each piece in her outfit separately, we can obviously state that it's ridiculous, so how could she put them all together? That long silver braid,with those golden spikes, and that shimmery, skin-tight bodysuit( her crotch needs some air, it's obviously struggling in there), matched with those very popular McQueen's, I wonder how she could walk in those. Oh, and that tailcoat? Come on!
As for her face, what's there to say? She's got an earring that goes from her left ear to her nose ring to her right ear. How cool is that? And those feathers under her eyes? Birdie, go home!
So, Rapunzel meets Statue of Liberty meets Gaga meets African Culture meets Swallow meets DISASTER.


Tzoules said...

keep going on with ur blog!

good work =)

I hope u follow and visit me.
Greetings from Germany
Tzoules K.

Platform Princess said...

I want to punch this photo in the face. She looks like a gypsy mix horse creature from the Lion, the Witch in the Wardrobe.

Blah to Kelis... i used to love her!


silvi said...

OMG OMG!!!!!....stiintifico-fantastic intr-adevar!