January 21, 2010

Leggings are not pants!

You might wear them in gym class, because I know, they're super comfy, or under a dress, a skirt, an over-sized shirt, but definitely not with a T-shirt, or a short tank top or blouse. No. Why? Because...they're not pants! Never were and never will be. They are a type of hosiery, get it? They do not count as suitable bottoms(*like jeans, sweatpants, suit pants, shorts, skirts, and so on). That's why you've got to have something else covering your ass. Besides, there are so many other options, so why oh why, do you feel the need to show everybody your *badonkadonk*?
And do not say that that's your style and who doesn't like it can kiss your ass(which is, I must say, a part of you they got to know very well, from the many times you chose to flaunt your so-called 'style'), because that's a shitty argument. Women don't go naked in public, or wear a bra as a blouse, stating that it's their style. No. They don't and neither should you. So go buy a pair of jeans.

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