January 4, 2010

Fab photographer.

----Browsing the Web, I discovered her. Although I have no knowledge whatsoever about the art of photography, or anything related to it, even I can tell when something looks damn good.
----NINAGAWA MIKA. Born 1972. Japan's most popular photographer. She worked with Vogue Nippon, Elle Japon, Harper's Bazaar, GQ Japan, Figaro Japon, Marie Claire Japon, West East Magazine (Hong Kong) , Dazed & Confused Japan, Nylon Japan, Cutie, High-Fashion, Spur, SO-EN, Studio Voice, Esquire, Switch, Casa BRUTUS etc. and she also won "a few" awards, like:
-Grand Prize at "7th Shashin hitotsubo ten (3.3㎡ photography)" (1996)
-Superior Prize at "13th New Cosmos of Photography" by Canon (1996)
-Encouragement Award at "9th Konica Award" (1998)
-"26th Kimura Ihei Photography Award" (2001)
-"Ohara Museum of Art Prize" (2006)
----I love her photographs in "Travel" and "Fashion&Portraits". They instantly caught my eye and I couldn't stop watching them. I only wish I owned one, to hang it on my wall and stare at it constantly. Her work is amazing, vibrant colors everywhere, inspiring love, fun, happiness.
----And if this didn't work for you, take a look on her official website: http:\\

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