January 12, 2010


  • Who DOESN'T love Juicy Couture? Because I sure DO. I cherish it. I'm in love with it. I would buy totally everything anywhere anytime. I just adore it. I think you got the point. And this post is all about my lovely Juicy Couture.
  • Their charms are so original and creative, I love them all.

  • I also have a huge crush on their handbags.
<---My favourite.

  • Adorable dogs accessories.

Juicy Couture people purse(left); Juicy Crittoure Dog Carrier (right).

  • Jewellry. Verrrry creative, original, fantastic, I love it.

  • And, last but not least, their lovely gift ideas.
1. Leopard Stocking.

2. Holiday Ornaments

3. Heart-Shaped Box with Boy-Short Set

4.Gadget Accessories

5. Lipgloss set.

6. Go Couture Yourself. Perfume.

Remember, stay Juicy!

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