January 3, 2010

My all-time favourite quotes.

"Little matters they are to be sure, but highly important." - Jane Austen wrote in one of her letters to her sister, Cassandra.

"I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them."

"A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of."

"I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library."

"Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."
------All Jane Austen

Rocco: I killed your cat, you druggie bitch.
Donna: What? Why?
Rocco: I thought it would bring closure to our relationship - It always makes me laugh, from the movie "The Boondock Saints"

Truth is about beauty. Ugly people lack believability.
Now, how can I put this kindly?
You look like a liar. - Skins TV Show

"A stupid man's report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand."- Bertrand Russell

"What a splendid head, yet no brain." - Aesop

"Why do we let the one thing we don't have affect how we feel about all the things we do have?"
“Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?”
---Carrie Bradshaw

I also absolutely love the movie "Love Story" and all the dialogues between Jennifer and Oliver. Just an example:

Jennifer Cavalieri: You look stupid and rich.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well, what if I'm smart and poor?
Jennifer Cavalieri: *I'm* smart and poor.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well what makes you so smart?
Jennifer Cavalieri: I wouldn't go out for coffee with you that's what.
Oliver Barrett IV: Well what if I wasn't even gonna ask you to go out for coffee with me?
Jennifer Cavalieri: Well that's what makes you stupid.

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