May 2, 2010

'I ♥ Vogue Nippon' 3rd part.

June 2010. Edita Vilkeviciute. Although they are so...pastoral, I love every single shot. Vogue Nippon amazes me. And the chickens are so funny!


paperheart♥ said...

Great blog
Amazing photoshoot...Japan does it again :)

Marcella said...

Very original! Loved it.

R. Gratz said...

Vogue Nippon is definitely where it's at!! Always original and on point and definitely a visionary amongst many mags. This one is soo legit. Farmhouse couture? Haha. Excellent.

bravegrrl said...

i really love that last shot for some reason, i think it may be the colors... and the most definitely the oddness!