May 19, 2010

Resort Collections.

I adore resort collections! I can just picture myself wearing those outfits, on a sunny beach sipping a cocktail, or at a luxurious hotel, by the pool, or at a fancy dinner or an amazing party, or...just something I will remember my whole life. Seeing these just makes you think what a great summer awaits, full of new experiences. I don't know, it's just the feeling I get. And with or without the pricey clothes, just by looking at the collection I know the sun will shine for me. It makes me so optimistic.

Chanel Resort 2010.

Chanel Resort 2011.

I've only posted the looks I love, but you can find more at


LA said...

I love the first part of this Chanel collection, the second one is less glamorous... don't you think so?

Love the second look: TOTALLY KARL!


Platform Princess said...

Why is Jourdann Dune so skinny? Didn't she just have a baby. Not fair!

Anyway love this collection!