May 25, 2010

Oh, pretty, pretty maxi dresses.

On pretty, pretty fashion bloggers.

Aureta-Vintage wrap dress
Fashion Zen-H&M dress
Christeric-the dress is her own design. amazing. you should see her DIY of some Pleaser boots.
5 inch and up-Primark dress
Platform Princess-Topshop Boutique dress.
And the Queen Bee of maxi dresses-such a stylish girl:

Where Did U Get That

Seeing all these lovely ladies makes want to go buy like a dozen of maxi dresses. Simply gorgeous. Make sure to check their blogs. Kisses!


Alexandra Amico said...

love the first pic1

Platform Princess said...

OMG my pictures look ghastly next to the professional shots of the other bloggers, haha!

Thank you for this. I've been away for a while, so I have only just seen it.

You are too cute.


Claire said...

I love maxi dresses too - aren't they so elegant? I like them so much more than the bum-skimming minis that we see so much more of. Lovely pictures aswell, great blog!

Claire @ Jazzpad

libys11 said...

i agree! they're all fabulous bloggers!! maxi dresses are great for summer! :D


that acne dress is looking good.