February 25, 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010.

I personally don't like it. Actually, the only thing that I truly loved were the fringed shoes and a dress. That's all. Everything else was either too simple, or too over-loaded(too shiny or too printed). There were these two extremes and none of them suited me.

Take these two for example. An example of badly used material. I can't help but think of that purple dress as a glimmered body-suit, like the ones ice-skaters wear and how probably, someone looked at it and said 'Oh wait, what if we put a darker coloured sheet over it? Wouldn't that make a gorgeous dress?' Well...I'd say no to that. And then that someone would say 'Stop! You're an eye-opener. We'll make it a one-shoulder sheet.' Yeah...I'll say no to that too.

Gorgeous, right? I don't think so. That pink dress is beyond my understanding. And the print in the second picture, something is just wrong with it. I get the point that everybody is now crazy about the leopard print, but who said an all giraffe print suit would work?

Isn't that cool? They used the leftover material from the coat's sleeves to make shorts. Nice! Imagine walking down the street wearing the coat and then standing at the stoplight next to a woman who wears the shorts. It must be a great experience. Let's not be mean, I actually liked the coat, but the picture on the right made me give it a second thought.

Done with the criticizing. These are the looks I actually did like. I'm crazy about the green shoes and I like how it all bonds in the picture on the left. Yes. That would be all.

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