February 23, 2010

Next is...Mulberry.

I loved Mulberry's Fall collection for oh so many reasons. I loved it from head to toe, from the first piece to the last. Models walking dogs on the runway was a great idea. Those pugs strutted their stuff, almost stealing the models' spotlight. And they had matching outfits! Using bright bright orange and bright bright blue was another great idea. Those colors just...well...they brighten my day! More lovin'->that puffed up, exaggerated hairdo! Yes, I'm a fan. Also, the delicate sewn hearts, on cardigans or scarves, were making the outfits just more lovable. It's details like those which make the difference. So, enjoy!


Sissy said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I go for the total jean look just amazing!!!!

susiee said...

Dogs are so fashionable, one wonders why they are not sold by couturiers. They are the only friends that money can buy.