February 7, 2010

Topshop S/S 2010.

No more plain, basic jeans for us, ladies! Topshop has thought of so many different designs for denim that we won't know what to choose. I, for one, would buy them all and give it a long thought to which I should wear first.


Taryn Andre said...

oh my gawd. The white knitted/slash dress is giving me chills. I need it, I have to go to the site now and find it...I need it!

Froso said...

I love TopShop, too bad we don't have one in Greece! Thank God there is online shopping!

Jesa said...

I love, I love, I love!! And those blue, heart printed dream jeans...ahh.

Loving your blog!
Cheers, Jesa

ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

thanks, those heart printed jeans are also my favourites!

bravegrrl said...

love the vest in the first pic and there is something about the polka dot jeans... kinda weird cuz it isn't normally something i would wear but i like :)