February 21, 2010


...for giving us this collection.

Aussie fashion designer Michael Angel. Spring 2010.

Famous for his digital prints, I find that he really managed to wow and please everyone with this collection. It's got amazing colour schemes and one-of-a-kind designs. There is not one simple, plain, ordinary piece. Each and every one has something that makes it special. Ladies who love extravagance, but are afraid to dress accordingly will certainly find in his collection something that meets them halfway. Wearing one of those dresses will definitely lead to an 'all eyes on you' experience.

I personally love how the prints give the impression of layering, when actually it's only one piece of material there. And I suggest you go to his and zoom in on every single piece so that you'll notice every detail. Because it's definitely worth it.

Yes, I've posted more photos than usual, but I couldn't resist it.
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cchaoticc said...

he seriously is an angel <3