February 8, 2010

Burberry 3D.

"Burberry is to live stream its upcoming Autumn Winter 2010/11 womenswear show in 3D to events in New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

The Burberry Autumn Winter 2010/11 womenswear show will take place at The Chelsea College of Art in London at 4PM on 23 February 2010, during London Fashion Week. The private 3D events will receive live stream from London to custom screening spaces designed by Burberry Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey.

Burberry will be partnering with broadcaster Sky television on production using its innovative 3D technology.

NEW YORK: 3D live streaming event at Skylight studios.

PARIS: 3D live streaming event hosted with concept store,colette.

DUBAI: 3D live streaming event at The Address.

TOKYO: 3D live streaming to La Fabrique for ''Burberry Night''.

LOS ANGELES: 3D streaming event hosted by Tina Brown, editor of The Daily Beast.

Burberry is the first brand to broadcast live simultaneous events in 3D worldwide."


However, only people special enough to be invited to viewing parties will be able to see it. The rest of us will have to watch it in 2-D at


Chazy said...

ce de feshan !! mama ce m-am speriat de la melodia aiaaa =)))

CMA said...

great look
love it
great blog, keep it up
glad i stumbled across your blog
thanks for sharing as always


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

:))) zarii e fashion-ul de pe lume aici:))

Anonymous said...

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