February 13, 2010

Catch me I'm falling.

Agyness Deyn walked the runway for Naomi Campbell's  Fashion For Relief show, to benefit Haiti. Unfortunately, let's just say it wasn't her best walk. She tripped not once, but twice, in her Burberry heels, finally taking them off and walking the rest of the way barefoot.
She tweeted:
1st show of fashion week! Took a tumble! Got up! Fell again. Should have stayed down the 1st time. Twice! WTF! Ouch my knees!
 Well, at least it was for a good cause!
  Photos: Jennifer Mitchell, Splash News

And since we're on the subject...Nina Garcia fell, but under different circumstances...
"Garcia, who is a regular judge on the Lifetime television show, took a nasty spill on the slippery pavement after judging the “Project Runway” finale in the Bryant Park Tents at Fashion Week.
“Oh sheesh,” she said, visibly embarrassed, with a few scratches on her hands and her knees. “It’s OK. I’m fine.” "

/Nicole Breskin

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