February 23, 2010

Today's spotlight is on...

Nikki Farquharson. Self-described as a 24 year old freelancer based in London, England whose focus shifts between communication, colour, pattern and typography.

She has graduated University of Arts in London and she has worked for Benefit Cosmetics, Fujifilm, Holiday Matinee, Missbehave Magazine and Sims Snowboards.

I think she is very talented. Vibrant colours, shouting, partying, no-limits and a great sense of humor. That's how I perceive her pictures. She has a great way of mixing reality and fiction, as you can see in Missbehave Magazine, which makes it hard to even notice the difference. Now I'd like to share the 'spotlighter' 's work with you.
  • Paradecka
  • Mixed Media Girls

  • Missbehave Magazine

  • 65 Modern Proverbs

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susiee said...

cata schmecherieee..@-)