February 23, 2010

Vivienne Westwood.

I keep seeing Fall 2010 collections and I couldn't resist posting some of my favourites, but also criticizing a bit. Although it's not even spring yet and I should be actually focusing on the S/S collections, I just had to. They're everywhere. I need to say what I think.
So, first is Vivienne Westwood. She is sometimes much too flashy for my taste, but for this fall, she has designed some pieces that I don't just like. I totally love them! She went just to the limit. My limit. Of flashiness. So I find them perfect. And I'm gonna share!

This one above is my ultimate favourite! x

And maybe I kind of hate this tacky blue bag and the checkered leg-warmers and I dislike the shoes. Or I could just say that I like it from head to skirt. **i'm talking about the one above, on the left.
Anyway, it's one of Vivienne's collections in which I love more than just one piece, so I currently have a high regard for her.

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susiee said...

genial!!! specific Westwood <3